Thank You for Voting Us Best Electrical Contractor In the Greater Lakes Region

2015 Best Of Winner

JP Carter Electric, LLC was voted Best Electrical Contractor in the 23rd Annual Greater Lakes Region Best Businesses for 2015. With a team of veterans that take hard work, dedication, and customer satisfaction to a new level, the award speaks for itself.

We would like to thank all of our customers and clients for taking the time to vote for us. You are all greatly appreciated. We are proud of this accomplishment and look forward to serving you.

Serving New Hampshire’s Lakes Region – With Pride!

When it comes to “serving New Hampshire,” we mean more than that JP Carter Electric is based in and provides electrical service to residents and businesses in the Granite State’s Lakes Region. Our team members have also served New Hampshire, and their country, as part of the U.S. Marine Corps. Owner Josh Carter served from 1996-2000, attending boot camp with childhood friend Garrett Johnson, now an apprentice electrician and generator technician on the JP Carter staff. Josh met his journeyman electrician Dave Drinkwine at Camp Pendleton in 1998. Read more about the entire JP Carter team on our Crew page.

Exterior Lighting Adds Safety and Interest During Winter Months

Front Porch Exterior Lighting

Just because the days are getting shorter doesn’t mean you should stop thinking about the outdoors. In fact, now is the time to prepare for winter’s darkness by brightening your paths, walkways, and trees with warm lights.

New Englanders already know how to add color to the drabness of the cold months with winter plants. Outdoor lighting can also enhance your home’s look during the winter months. Even deciduous trees like to show off their structure once they are devoid of leaves. Imagine a Japanese maple with some low-voltage lighting looking like an artist’s rendering while providing safety and functionality. A well-designed outdoor lighting plan is not only a safe addition to your home, but it can add value by improving the aesthetics of the house, too. Well-lit front entrances and dramatic lighting for buildings and trees can really make a difference in the doldrums of winter.

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Factors to Consider When Installing an Emergency Generator

Generac Guardian Series Installed in Garden

Power outages are not exactly frequent here in New Hampshire, but they can occur at any time and last anywhere from minutes to days. Especially during the “ice and snow” months. For that reason, many New Hampshire home owners have considered installing emergency electrical generators in their homes. The main factors to be considered when selecting and installing an emergency generator are:

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What Is Smart Home Technology?

Here at JP Carter, we’ve seen quite a bit of interest lately in “smart home” technology – but what exactly is smart home technology? Simply put, it’s the use of sensors, actuators, home networks, and the internet to enable the monitoring and control of a huge range of household appliances and systems.

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