Exterior Lighting Adds Safety and Interest During Winter Months

Front Porch Exterior Lighting

Just because the days are getting shorter doesn’t mean you should stop thinking about the outdoors. In fact, now is the time to prepare for winter’s darkness by brightening your paths, walkways, and trees with warm lights.

New Englanders already know how to add color to the drabness of the cold months with winter plants. Outdoor lighting can also enhance your home’s look during the winter months. Even deciduous trees like to show off their structure once they are devoid of leaves. Imagine a Japanese maple with some low-voltage lighting looking like an artist’s rendering while providing safety and functionality. A well-designed outdoor lighting plan is not only a safe addition to your home, but it can add value by improving the aesthetics of the house, too. Well-lit front entrances and dramatic lighting for buildings and trees can really make a difference in the doldrums of winter.

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are now the technology of choice for most manufacturers of outdoor lighting systems with reduced wattage a big saver. Low-voltage lighting systems use less electricity and are safer than 110-volt systems. In fact, if you accidently touched the end of the wires you wouldn’t feel anything. Also, when planning your outdoor lighting layout, keep in mind that low-voltage systems can be installed after the landscaping is in.

Whether your design calls for “down lighting” or “up lighting,” moonlighting or modeling, silhouetting or shadowing, the professionals at JP Carter Electric can help you make your outdoor lighting system a shining reality.

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